WITH SunGalaa.

In five modules of six days each, you will deepen your practice in the areas of Conscious Communication, Authentic Relationships, Mind & Meditation, Lifestyle & Life Cycles, and Vitality & Stress. Enriching and unique experiences feed your inspiration, the intensive classes with interactive discussions, meditations and supportive yoga practice advance your individual transformation.

Excellence means recognizing one's own divinity and supporting others to realize it in themselves.

Level 2 is an internationally recognized training program with a scope of 300 training hours. All our courses are certified by the Kundalini Research Institute and the Yoga Alliance.


Recognize the obstacles on your path to conscious communication,
integrate and manifest the voice of your true Self.

Carry the voice of the teacher within you.
Strengthen your speaking.
Deepen your listening.
Project from the navel.
Speak from the chakras.
Communicate devotionally.
Work on communication blocks, fear and anger.
Recognize the hidden self, the shadow Self & the mask.
Inspire others through your communication.


We succeed as a conscious human being when we are authentic and speak and act from the heart.
Every relationship is an expression of the connection between the individual and universal soul.

Observe and increase your sensitivity to your relationships.
Improve your effectiveness, authenticity and awareness in your relationships.
Explore and understand how we build, maintain and honor relationships.
Integrate authentic relationships into your life and teaching.


Cultivate inner silence.
Be intelligently guided by your intuition.
Conquer your mind and through it the world.
Experience oneness with the greater whole.

Deepen your meditation practice.
Discover the fundamental nature and dynamics of the mind and your thoughts.
Establish a real relationship with your mind.
Live your true Self and realize your potential.
Learn to act from the neutral mind.
Let your intuition guide you and act with applied intelligence.
Let the Infinite support you through prayer.


Be ahead of the times & make your lifestyle the foundation of your future success.
Discover the mysteries and mastery in each life cycle.

Review your personal biography and free yourself from the burden of the past:
Learn to harmonize the 7, 11 and 18 year cycles of your life.
Create a future projection of prosperity as a natural consequence of your balanced life cycles.
Transform habits that wear down your soul into discipline that nourishes your soul.


Manage your life energy and master your vitality.
Get to know your stress.

Recognize stress in yourself and others.
Identify your stressors.
Discover stress-reducing tools.
Find balance through conscious relaxation.
Prepare to act fearlessly with poise and character.
Create the vitality necessary to overcome any crisis.


May 25-30, 2023,
Vitality & Stress
Italy, Assisi

September 28 – October 03, 2023
Mind & Meditation
Greece, Pelion

January 18-23, 2024,
Authentic relationships
Germany, Wermelskirchen

May 23-28, 2024,
Lifestyle & Life Cycles
Italy, Assisi

September 26 – October 01, 2024
Vitality & Stress
Greece, Pelion